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In 1990, we started the company Ashadeep Engineering Works as a proprietor firm. Initially we manufactured all types of equipments. Gradually with our innovations, we developed certain specialties in some of the equipments such as ultrafine pulverizer.

The Ultrafine Pulverizer was manufactured in the country by only a couple of manufacturers. We entered with special features in the equipment that helped us to gain the advantage over other two manufacturers.

Later, in 2001, we formed another company, Ultra Febtech Pvt. Ltd. This was done to make a new identity, to work in an organized way. Ultra Febtech Pvt. Ltd. has been renowned in the design and manufacture of size reduction (grinding), mixing and gradation equipments. Since its inception, Ultra Febtech has had one overriding commitment: to provide personalized creative engineering service to the customers. The features of our products, the depth of our technical knowledge and wealth of experience available with us help us provide the most effective equipments to our customers. Ultra Febtech Pvt. Ltd. has made a team of various technical people having expertise in various fields. These people are working as associates of Ultra Febtech Pvt. Ltd. We believe in development and progress, hence we continue our efforts for betterment.

Guar gum and textile printing gum industry became our special field to supply them equipments since ultrafine grinders were best suited for such industries.

Ultra Febtech Pvt. Ltd. also undertakes turnkey plants and machinery for guar gum powder, tamarind kernel powder (TKP), carboxy methyl cellulose (CMC), and guar/TKP derivative plants. We have gathered over a decade of expertise on Ultrafine Pulverizer (grinder). We have supplied a number of equipments like ribbon blenders, ultra fine grinders, various screening machines, conveying systems, etc. all over the country for various applications.

Total customer satisfaction is our motto. We believe in long association and business relationship with our customers. We constantly remain in touch with our customers for their changing needs. Customers' feedback and their demand for newer things inspire us to upgrade our equipments. We are always enthusiastic to meet customers' changing needs that result in innovation.

The equipments manufactured by Ultra Febtech Pvt. Ltd. Size Reduction (Grinding):

 Size Reduction (Grinding)
Ball Mills
Pin Mills 
CrackersUltrafine Grinders
Impact Pulverizers   
Flaker (for flaking)
  Mixing Machinery
Ribbon Blenders (U & conical type)Reactors (vertical & horizontal with stirrer)
Double Cone MixersNauta Mixers (Screw Type)
Plough Shear MixersContinuous Paddle Mixers
  Conveying Systems
Pneumatic ConveyingTurn Table Rotary Feeders
Bucket ElevatorsRotary Air Locks
Screw Conveyors
Gradation Machinery
Dust Proof Rotary Sievers
Centrifugal Screens
Vibro Screens
Eccentrics Sievers
We Also Make
Storage Tanks
Washing Systems
Tray Dryers
Cleaning Systems
Rotary Dryer
Silo, Hopper

Offering you our best technology, it will be our pleasure to serve you. We thank you for providing us an opportunity to approach you through this media.